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Skin Care Products

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Skin Care Products

Youthful Images of Connecticut offers an assortment of skin care products including the entire line of SkinMedica™ Products. The skin care products available at Youthful Images of Connecticut are physician dispensed skin care products and of the highest quality.

SkinMedica™ Products

The SkinMedica skin care product line is the culmination of over thirty years of passionate research, development and reinvention. It includes a wide array of carefully formulated, specialized products intended for the treatment of specific conditions and for application on a range of skin types. From powerful moisturizers to skin healing and replenishing lotions, to chemical peels, bleaching melasma treatments, anti-aging creams, UVA/UVB protection and even lip plumping formulas, SkinMedica offers top quality, skin transforming technology. Whether you’re dealing with hard to treat acne, persistent acne scarring, rough skin, discoloration, melasma, hyperpigmentation, or the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, SkinMedica offers a specialized formula that can deliver outstanding results.

Founded by Dr. Fitzpatrick, a passionate dermatologist named the “The physician who has most influenced beauty” by Allure Magazine, SkinMedica has been striving to provide the very best in skin care since the mid 1990′s. Beginning with a single product — a bleaching cream to treat melasma — SkinMedica has developed a robust, patient-oriented product line that’s acclaimed by professionals around the world. Dr. Fitzpatrick’s commitment to high quality, incredibly effective and innovative treatments has made SkinMedica what it is today, and helped to deliver truly transformative skin care to patients across the United States and Canada.

SkinMedica’s creams, lotions and other products are each specialized for the treatment of a specific skin condition. They make use of several patented formulas enriched with skin essentials like vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol, soluble collagen, proteins and antioxidants. The diverse SkinMedica product line gives medical and aesthetics professionals what they need to focus first on a patient’s most pressing skin needs and then move to strengthening, beautifying replenishing and maintaining. SkinMedica strives to put healthy, glowing and youthful skin within everyone’s reach, and works hard to make transforming beauty an attainable reality.

SkinMedica skin care products are founded on the skin’s own ability to heal and regenerate itself. Whether it’s gently stimulating the skin to grow new, healthier outer layers with chemical peels and mild agitators, or treating the skin from the bottom up with deep action restorative hydrating and moisturizing, SkinMedica works with your skin’s natural abilities to achieve the very best results.

Because of their dramatic potency and medical grade efficacy, SkinMedica skin care products are only available through medical professionals or specially trained and licensed aestheticians. Many over the counter products attempt to duplicate SkinMedica’s patented technologies, but none meet the mark. Whether you’re working to reverse the effects of acne scarring, discoloration or sun damage, or you’re just passionate about achieving the very best in beautifying skin care, SkinMedica offers revolutionary transformative products that really perform.

Vitamin C+E Complex
TNS Illuminating Eye Cream®
TNS Essential Serum®
Tri-Retinol Complex ES™
TNS Essential Serum®Post-Procedure System
TNS Essential Serum®
Facial CleanserVitamin C+E ComplexTNS Essential Serum®
Redness Relief CalmPlex™
Redness Relief CalmPlex™
Hydrating Complex
Redness Relief CalmPlex™
TNS Recovery Complex®

Vitamin Supplements

With today’s active lifestyles, it is sometimes difficult to maintain balance in our lives. At Youthful Images, we believe that individuals can benefit greatly from the addition of quality vitamin and herbal supplements. We offer hypo-allergenic nutritional supplements called Pure Encapsulations®.

Pure Encapsulations are the only hypo allergenic nutrient supplements that are independently tested to guarantee that they meet their label claim. Dr. Felice has spent years investigating a variety of supplement suppliers and has found that Pure Encapsulations consistently exceeded all other companies in quality, sterility, and clinical efficacy. Pure Encapsulations supplements have been distributed through doctors since 1991. They offer many different supplements that can benefit a variety of individual needs including immune support, joint support, weight management, peri-menopausal, vitamins, and more.

This on-line store is set-up for our existing patients who know which supplements they need. If you have not been seen by Dr. Felice, please schedule an appointment with our office for a consultation.

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