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SmartLipo Bloomfield

SmartLipo™ is a new laser liposuction technique that uses a new laser wavelength which specifically melts fat. SmartLipo™ uses a 924nm wavelength laser which is capable of liquefying 3-5 times as much fat per unit of energy as the other technologies, (SmartLipo, CoolLipo, ProLipo and Lipotherme).

It is said to be more effective at melting fat than the 1064 laser or 1308 laser used in Smartlipo and Coolipo, which are the other laser liposuction lasers commonly used today.

SmartLipo by Palomar has 2 wavelengths, one which is fat selective. The other is water selective much like the other devices on the market (SmartLipo, CoolLipo, Lipotherme).

SmartLipo™ Advantages:

SmartLipo Bloomfield

  • Eiminates Fat
  • Skin Tightening
  • Low Risk

In addition, the SmartLipo laser has a 924/975 combination laser procedure which helps for skin tightening.

SmartLipo™suction is a form of next generation laser liposuction. The name slim actually means something. It stands for stands for specific laser induced melting. This new liposuction procedure was based on six years of research and has recently been introduced into the market.

Smartlipo Bloomfield Before and AfterBenefits of SmartLipo™ laser

SmartLipo™ has a number of claimed benefits that makes it superior to the old laser liposuction procedures. One of its greatest strength is that it not only helps in fat removal but also assists the patient to shorten collagen fibers and therefore tightens the skin. SmartLipo™ is also safer than the traditional laser treatment. This is because the fiber optic is flexible and can emit a wider laser area. As a result, the strength of the laser beam can be reduced, which in turn reduces the probability of the patient suffering from internal injuries due to the strong laser heat. Finally, in terms of recovery, SmartLipo™ results in less bruising for the patient. This means they will have a faster recovery time.

Smartlipo Bloomfield Before and AfterIs SmartLipo™ laser effective on inner and outer abdomen, thighs and abds.

According to, there are currently 23 reviews. Out of these, 86% said that SmartLipo™ is effective on these areas. In fact, many had said the SmartLipo™ is better than SmartLipo as the extent of the bruising is less.

Most of these reviews has SmartLipo™suction done on their inner and outer thighs as well as stomach areas. The before and after images of those treated, showed noticeable differences after the operation was completed. Dr. Felice also finds it to be a significant advantage for arms and excessive breast tissue in men.

Smartlipo Bloomfield Before and AfterWhy do we use SmartLipo™?

Dr. Felice has always tried to develop less traumatic techniques for liposuction. He has used syringe techniques as opposed to large vacuum type machines for over 20 years in an effort to minimize swelling and bruising. As a complement to the syringe technique, he has found laser assisted liposuction (SmartLipo) to enhance the contour of the treated area and provide skin tone.

What is the average cost of SmartLipo™

The average price of SmartLipo™ is $1,900 per area plus anesthesia and operating room time.

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